Here’s how to set PUBG Mobile graphics settings, FPS, and more on Android the easy way. No root is required for this to work.

It’s probably fair to suggest that every single person likes the idea of saving money on purchases if they have the ability to do so. That’s why our daily deals post proves so popular each and every day. Today’s deals will be no different. We have a collection of wonderful deals across a variety of wonderful items, each of which is designed to save you money.

Today, Snap announced that it is expanding its developer platform to allow creators to build their own face filters for the very first time while also adding GIPHY integration to Lens Studio.

Infuse, the popular video player that is available for both iOS and tvOS platforms is receiving a new update, with version 5.7 now available for download.

New filings registered by Apple hints at refreshed iPhone SE 2 coming as soon as WWDC 2018 this summer. Here are the details.

Students have been caught using FaceTime and skin-colored Bluetooth earbuds for cheating in exams, along with their teachers. Here are the details.

Min Zheng has just shown of iOS 11.3 jailbreak potential with root shell access. Here’s what this means for a future public jailbreak.

According to a new report, Fortnite is likely to earn $500 million on mobile alone this year. Here are the details.

A new report citing numbers from Counterpoint Research is suggesting that the iPhone X alone may have accounted for 35% of total smartphone profits during Q4 of 2017.

It’s that most wonderful time of the day again when we have the pleasure of catapulting multiple technology deals in front of your hungry eyes for consideration. As is always the case, each deal is designed to ensure that you can bring some new technology into your life – or the life of a loved one – without having to pay full price.

Samsung is getting ready to debut a number of new features alongside the Galaxy S10, with chief amongst them set to be an in-display fingerprint sensor and iPhone X-like 3D face scanner.

Want to know whether you have certified Android device? Here’s how to check if it’s certified by Google before buying.

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